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ENR Section Holiday Party and Awards Presentation
Save the Date:  Thursday, December 8, 2016 at The Cleaners @ The Ace Hotel in Portland

Past Events

October 14, 2016:  ENR Section Annual CLE, "Environmental Law:  Year in Review" at McMeniman's Edgefield Manor in Troutdale, for details see the 2016 Year in Review CLE page

September 23, 2016:  ENR Section Field Trip to Whooshh Innovations' live fish transport system on the Washougal River in coordination with the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

August 25, 2016:  ENR Section Summer Social at Lucky Lab on Hawthorne, Portland

December 10, 2015:  ENR Section Annual Meeting & Holiday Party at The Cleaners @ The Ace Hotel, Portland

October 23, 2015:  2015 Annual CLE - Environmental Law Year in Review

August 7, 2015:  ENR Section Tour, Willamette Falls

April 21, 2015:  Section Brownbag, Environmental Insurance in Oregon

December 11, 2014:  ENR Holiday Party at The Cleaners @ The Ace Hotel, Portland.
October 24, 2014:  Annual CLE, Environmental Law:  Year in Review. Details can be found here..

September 18, 2014: ENR Networking Happy Hour, no-host event with new and returning law students.

May 22, 2014:  Section Brownbag, Article III Standing - An Update

October 11, 2013:  2013 Annual CLE - Environmental Law, Year in Review

March 14, 2013:  Environmental Oversight of Oregon Mine Permitting

October 5, 2012:  2012 Annual CLE - Environmental Law, Year in Review

October 13-14, 2011:  2011 Annual CLE - Environmental Law, Year in Review

October 8, 2010:  2010 Annual CLE - Environmental Law, Year in Review

July 16, 2010:  Incorporating Sustainability Principles into Cleanups & Update on Portland Harbor Redevelopment Initiative Legislative Idea
Harbor Presentation
Harbor Legislative Concept
Sustainability in Clean-ups

June 24, 2010:  The State of Oregon's Sustainbility Efforts, presented by Elin Shepard

May 5, 2010:  Invasive Species in Oregon:  Creating Effective Policy, presented by Lisa DeBruyckere

April 9, 2010:  Ethical Compliance and Environmental and Natural Resources Matters, presented by Scott Morrill

February 19, 2010:  Developments in Geothermal Energy in Oregon & the Pacific Northwest, presented by Alex Sifford

September 28, 2009:  Case Law Update: Limitations Periods Under CERCLA and ORS 465, presented by Brooks M. Foster


In COEUR ALASKA, INC. v. SOUTHEAST ALASKA CONSERVATION COUNCIL, Case No. 07-984 (June 22, 2009) the United States Supreme Court addressed the relationship between Sections 404, 402 and 306 of the Clean Water Act in the context of mining and filling.  Come and hear the perspective of Bob Maynard, one of the attorneys of record in the case and debate the issues and implications stemming from this important ruling, reversing, yet again, the Ninth Circuit on an environmental matter.

Speaker: Bob Maynard, Esq., Partner Perkins Coie

Bob Maynard is a partner in Perkins Coie, is admitted to practice in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington D.C. and is the managing partner of Perkins' Boise office.  Bob focuses his practice on environment, energy, and natural resources law. His practice includes project development and other transactions, regulation, legislation and litigation. His experience includes forest products/timber, government contracts/leasing/permitting, historic preservation, Indian Law, land use/real estate, minerals, oil & gas, public lands, recreation/resort, and water law matters. Bob is listed in The Best Lawyers in America , Chambers USA "America's Leading Environment & Natural Resources Lawyers,"  and  in Mountain States Super Lawyers.  Bob represents Coeur Alaska and has been involved in the permitting efforts and all phases of the litigation around those permits for Coeur's Alaska operations

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Update on Insurance Cost Recovery in Pollution Cases

Wednesday, July 29, Noon - 1pm

On July 9, 2009, the Oregon Supreme Court agreed to hear the appeal in the case of ZRZ Realty v. Beneficial Fire, Case No. S057155, a case in which plaintiffs are seeking to establish insurance coverage in respect of environmental contamination that resulted from dismantling of navy and merchant marine vessels at a site along the Willamette River.  Join us for a robust discussion of insurance cost recovery case law and issues associated with insurance cost recovery in West Coast states regarding environmental contamination, including discussion of the Zidell ship scrapping case, the Oregon Environmental Cleanup Assistance Act, what does and does not trigger coverage, and predicting trends in the courts.

Christopher R. Hermann is a partner in the Portland, Oregon, office of Stoel Rives.   He specializes in environmental and environmental insurance law. He regularly advises policyholders on environmental liability insurance coverage claims and strategies for accelerated access to the cash value of historical insurance policies through negotiated cash-out settlements on behalf of policyholders.  Mr. Hermann earned his J.D., Environmental and Natural Resources Certificate, from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1981. He was the Managing editor of the University of Oregon Law Review. He earned his B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Bowdoin College, 1976.

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Legislating Solutions to Climate Change in a Struggling Economy

Friday June 26, 2009

A discussion of what is being done in the Oregon Legislative Assembly to address the challenges of global climate change as we await significant additional action at the federal level.

Speaker, Lisa Adatto is a business professional with over 20 years experience in marketing and public policy.  She was a founder, owner and senior executive of a company that eventually grew from five to 1000 employees.  She developed a great interest in climate issues and joined a leading business group in Oregon, the Oregon Business Association (OBA) as Environment and Economic Development Director.  In that position she was responsible for working with members to develop a business, economic development and environmental policy agenda.  Currently, Lisa is the Oregon Director of Climate Solutions working to promote realistic, sensible and profitable climate policy in Oregon.  As part of her duties, she works to recruit business leaders to engage them in regional, state and federal policy.  She serves as a leader on of the Healthy Climate Partnership, and on several workgroups, and she works on a variety of projects at the nexus of business profitability and climate.

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The Promise of Development: 
Natural Resource Issues in a New Economy

May 7- 8, 2009
Seventh Mountain Resort,  Bend, Oregon

The nature of development in Central and Eastern Oregon is on the brink of change.  The sunny, wide open climates of the east side of the Cascades make this land a prime candidate for new, renewable energy developments such as wind, solar and geo-thermal.  Simultaneously there is a growing interest in residences in "amenity rich" areas such Bend, and other beautiful, remote towns near mountains and rivers.

This CLE will attempt to provide practitioners with a clearer vision of the upcoming development pressures and a nuts and bolts introduction to how to handle clients with questions about these new areas.

The event will open Thursday evening with a presentation on tribal perspectives on new development by Robert Brunoe of the Warm Springs Reservation.  The presentation will be immediately followed by a reception hosted by Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt.

Friday Morning will begin with a presentation by Mike Carrier of the Governor's Office.  Morning sessions will look at destination resorts and the impacts of new development on ground and surface waters in this dry climate.

At lucnch we will hear from Brent Foster, the new Special Counsel to the Oregon Attorney General on Environmental Crimes

The afternoon will be entirely devoted to renewable energy issues. It will begin with a keynote address on the state of renewable energy in Oregon by
Mike Grainey, Director of the Oregon Department of Energy.

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Forestry & Climate Change

Tuesday, April 21, 2009, Noon - 1pm

According to the EPA, forests and soils have a large influence on atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2)—the most important global warming gas emitted by human activities. Tropical deforestation is responsible for about 20% of the world's annual CO2 emissions, but on a global scale these emissions are more than offset by the uptake of CO2 by forests and agriculture. Therefore, forest management can play an important role in controlling further emissions and sequestering additional carbon.  Come hear a panel of three experts speak about forestry, carbon, and climate, in Oregon and around the world.

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Bio Fuels  Sept. 23, 2008

The Role of Biofuel Renewables in Combating Global Climate Change
There has been much recent controversy regarding the role of Biofuels in addressing Global Climate Change and in weaning the United States from Foreign Oil.  Despite the findings of the US Department of Agriculture, a variety of vested interests have charged corn-based ethanol with responsibility for driving up food prices.  Is alcohol still part of the solution?  In addition, despite some substantial grant awards for research, development and demonstration in the area of cellulosic biofuels, many remain skeptical that inedible plant matter will ever make a significant contribution to energy independence.  Whatever the current state of play, the case for biofuels is evolving.  Is alcohol the solution?  Come and discuss these and other issues with Allan A. Fulsher, Esq., Vice President of US Ethanol, LLC.

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Wave Energry   June 23,  2008
Oregon has a wonderful renewable resource available to it along its western coast which if appropriately captured can assist in solving our Global Climate Change challenges.

Speaker: JUSTIN KLURE:  Justin Klure is a principal partner with Pacific Energy Ventures, LLC, a consulting firm focused on developing renewable energy projects across the country. His company focuses on developing the business solutions needed to address the complexities of the energy marketplace.  Justin is a founding member of the Oregon Wave Energy Trust and served as its Director for the first year of operation. The Oregon Wave Energy Trust’s mission is to build and share the expertise needed to develop the emerging wave energy industry. Justin has spent the majority of his career delivering new energy technologies and projects into various markets throughout the Northwest. His current professional focus is positioning Oregon as a leader in the development of wave energy.  He has also served as a senior advisor with the Oregon Department of Energy, leading the development of innovative energy policies, climate change initiatives, renewable energy projects and technology transfer. During his ten year tenure with the State, he authored numerous policy documents and was a key contributor for legislation aimed at developing new, clean energy resources.

Addressing Rapid Climate Change - May 30, 2008

Speaker: Bill Drumheller,
Senior Policy Analyst with the Oregon Department of Energy.

“The earth’s climate is undergoing unprecedented change as a result of human activity, and this change will have significant effects on all Oregonians, their families, their communities, and their workplaces. A broad scientific consensus tells us that climate change is accelerating, and that it is happening at a speed that was unanticipated even recently. It is urgent that we act now, both to reduce the cause of this earth-transforming crisis by rapidly driving towards a low-carbon economy, and to begin to prepare for and adapt to the changes that mitigation cannot prevent. If we as Oregonians rise to this challenge and make intelligent and well-informed choices, we can minimize the most adverse impacts of changing weather patterns on our lives while producing many benefits – including economic opportunities – by leading the world to an environmentally sustainable and globally competitive state economy.  In this report, the CCIG proposes that Oregon takes steps toward developing a framework that will assist individuals, businesses, and governments to incorporate climate change into their planning processes.”

- From the Final Report of the Climate Change Integration Group to the Governor

Governor Kulongoski's Climate Change Initiative - April 28, 2008

The State of Oregon is fighting Green House Gas Emissions and working to prepare us to manage the impacts of global climate change.  Learn what the Governor Kulongoski is doing to address climate change, including advancing alternative renewable energies, working with the Western Climate Initiative, and working with the Oregon Legislature.

Speaker: David Van't Hof, Sustainability and Renewable Energy Policy Advisor for Governor Kulongoski.  He is responsible for implementing the Governor's Executive Order on sustainability, the Governor's three state climate change initiative, and fostering the development of renewable energy and associated technologies in Oregon.

Oregon v. The Feds
State Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles
                                                                                              March 4, 2008

In light of the sluggish response of the federal government to climate change, states such as California, New York and Oregon have taken the initiative with regard to enacting laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.  Come and discuss the variety of litigation against and petitions to the USEPA regarding the need for a regional and national assault on climate change.  Materials

Speaker:  Paul Logan, Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice.